Nader Sehatbakhsh

Assistant Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Office: Boelter Hall, 6731-G
Email: nsehat [at] ucla [dot] edu
Lab Webpage

I'm looking for highly-motivated students (Undergraduate, MS, Ph.D., and Postdoc students). To find out how you can join our team, or if you are a UCLA student and want to do research, please see this page.

About Me

I run the Secure Systems and Architectures (SsysArch) research lab at UCLA. My research interest is in the broad area of Security and Privacy with emphasis on hardware support for security and privacy. Specifically, I'm interested in computer architecture, IoT Security, embedded/cyber-physical systems, side-channels, trusted computing and hardware enclaves, and security and privacy in machine learning. I'm affiliated with the Computer Engineering Lab in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department at UCLA.
    Prior to joining to UCLA, I was a PhD student at the School of Computer Science in Georgia Tech working with Professor Milos Prvulovic and Professor Alenka Zajic where I worked on Securing Computing Systems by Mitigating and Leveraging Side-Channels. I earned my PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2020. Before that, I earned my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran in 2013. I joined UCLA since July 2020.


  • [08/21] The new website for our lab is live! Check it out here.
  • [08/21] Serving on the PC of HASP-21. The deadline is Sept. 18! ⏰
  • [07/21] Will be teaching two new courses (one undergrad and one grad) in 2021-2022 academic year. Check them out here.
  • [07/21] Serving on MICRO-21 and ISCA-21 PC this year!
  • [07/21] Our lab's first alumni: Shashank has been graduated with an MS degree! He is joining UCSD as a PhD! Congratulations Shashank! 🎉
  • [03/21] Gave a talk at MEPTEC Supply Chain Security event.
  • [01/21] Multiple open positions for Fall 2022. See more information here.
  • [01/21] Moved to a new Website! Hello! 👋
  • [07/20] Officially starting as an Assistant Professor at UCLA! 🐣

Recent Publications

For the complete list, please visit my Google Scholar page and our research lab's Publications page.

  • EMSim: A microarchitecture-level simulation tool for modeling electromagnetic side-channel signals,
    Nader Sehatbakhsh, Baki Berkay Yilmaz, Alenka Zajic, and Milos Prvulovic, HPCA'20.
    ( 🏆 Best Paper Nominee.)

  • A new side-channel vulnerability on modern computers by exploiting electromagnetic emanations from the power management unit,
    Nader Sehatbakhsh, Baki Berkay Yilmaz, Alenka Zajic, and Milos Prvulovic, HPCA'20.

  • Side-Channel Propagation Measurements and Modeling for Hardware Security in IoT Devices,
    Seun Sangodoyin, Frank T Werner, Baki B Yilmaz, Chia-Lin Cheng, Elvan M Ugurlu, Nader Sehatbakhsh, Milos Prvulović, and Alenka Zajic, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.

  • EMMA: Hardware/software attestation framework for embedded systems using electromagnetic signals,
    Nader Sehatbakhsh, Alireza Nazari, Haider Khan, Alenka Zajic, Milos Prvulovic, MICRO'19.

Active Projects

For the complete list of current and past projects, please visit our research lab's Projects page.

  • New Methods and Systems for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning.
  • Side-Channel Signals Modeling.
  • Secure and Private Internet of Trillion Collaborative Things.
  • New Attacks and Defenses for Microarchitectural Side-Channels.


Full list can be found here.

  • ECE M116C/CS 151B: Computer Architecture (F21, W21).
  • ECE 209AS: Secure and Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems (IoT Security) (W22, S21).
  • ECE 188: Secure Computer Systems (S22).


Program Committee
  • MICRO, 2019-Current.
  • ISCA, 2020-Current.
  • ESWEEK (CASES), 2021-Current.
  • CEED, 2021-Current.
  • DAC, 2020.
  • ICCPS, 2021.
  • ICCD, 2020-2021.
Journal Reviewer
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2018-2021.
  • IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 2019-2021.
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I, 2019-2021.
  • ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems, 2020.


For the complete list of my current and past students, please visit our research lab's People page.

Following is the current list of my PhD advisees .

  • Chris Chien (2021- )
  • Justin Feng (2021- )